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Structural Bodywork, Medical Massage, and Integrative Therapies


About Evolve Bodywork and Wellness

At Evolve Bodywork and Wellness, it's recognized that vitality in the body translates to vitality in all other areas of life. Devon specializes in Structural Bodywork and Medical Massage, and combines different manual and energetic healing modalities for maximum efficiency in the healing process. She has been passionate about studying both ancient healing modalities as well as modern, advanced scientific practices since 2015, believing that true wellbeing comes from an integration of body, mind, and heart. Her training in Structural Energetic Therapy has given her tools and practice to help people out of pain who have a hard time finding solutions elsewhere. By integrating Neuromuscular and Myofascial techniques, Medical Massage, sports/athletic massage, Cupping and Gratson methods, Cranial/Structural therapy, lymphatic drainage, energy work, and Thai massage she is able to address many people with a variety of tools in her healing tool box. Her love for learning and serving is never ending. 

Freedom in the body allows for freedom in the mind. Freedom in your body and mind naturally creates a liberated life. 

Devon D'Angelo

Our Services

Acupressure Neck Massage
Massage Therapy
Head Massage

Structural Bodywork and Medical Massage

Our Structural Bodywork and Medical Massage sessions are designed to address specific issues or injuries. We use a variety of techniques to release tension and improve alignment, including structural unwinding protocols, cranial/structural therapy, deep tissue massage, myofascial techniques, trigger point therapy, cupping, etc.

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Integrative Sessions

The Integrative Sessions combine Structural Bodywork, Medical Massage, Cupping, Cranial/Structural Work and Energy Healing for a holistic approach to healing. We tailor each session to your specific needs and goals to optimize your healing experience.

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Energy Healing, Breathwork, or Emotional Release 

Our Reiki and Energy Healing sessions help to balance and restore the body's energy, promoting relaxation and healing. We offer both in-person and distance healing sessions.


These sessions are focused on maintaining and optimizing recovery and performance in athletes, fitness enthusiasts, or anyone who is interested in advancing in their physical goals. 

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Cranial/Structural Therapy and Lymphatic Drainage

Due to toxins in our environments, TBIs/injuries, stress, or pathologies, our lymphatic and glympatic systems can be overburdened and lacking full function. These therapies support and help reestablish healthy function in these systems of our body, effecting overall quality of life, sleep, and flow.

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"I went to Evolve Bodywork and Wellness with chronic back pain and left feeling like a new person. The Structural Bodywork and Medical Massage not only relieved my pain but also improved my posture and range of motion. I highly recommend their services!"

John R.

"The Reiki and Energy Healing sessions at Evolve Bodywork and Wellness are truly transformative. I felt a sense of calm and balance that lasted long after the session was over. Highly recommend!"

Renee D.

"The Integrative Sessions at Evolve Bodywork and Wellness are amazing. I love how they combine different modalities to address all aspects of my physical and emotional well-being. I always leave feeling refreshed and renewed."

Sara A.


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